HPLC manufacturing facility is situated at Sarigam, Gujarat (INDIA). The plant is spread over 2.5 acres of land with constructed area of 1,40,000 sq.ft.

Our manufacturing facility includes sophisticated machineries and equipment for distillation and purification of different kind of solvents. We primarily focus on procuring high grade raw material for manufacturing in order to match up with highest global standards.

The facility is designed to utilize over 7000 Liters distillation units with the batch volumes varying from few liters to 1600 Liters. Our facility has a state-of-the- art distillation equipment range from 1600 Liters to 20 Liters including both SS and glass.

HPLC manufacturing facility consist of research engineering, product manufacturing, testing laboratory and In-house R&D department that has always enabled us to keep ahead of our competitors in the market.

The consolidated manpower in our manufacturing unit is comprising of skilled and dedicated workforce, qualified & experienced chemical engineers.

We regularly keep upgrading our facility to keep abreast with latest international trend and manufacture best quality of products.

We create awareness among the employees and take appropriate measures for safety of the environment and minimize potential risk and impact.

All the products are packed with ultimate care to ensure safe delivery of goods to the desired destination under the supervision of our delivery managers.

Equipments Capacity

  • S. S. Distillation unit cum reactor 1000L
  • S. S. Distillation unit cum reactor 230L
  • Glasslined reactor with Distillation unit 600L
  • Glasslined reactor with Distillation unit 1600L
  • Glasslined reactor with Distillation unit 200L
  • Glass Distillation cum reactor 100L
  • Glass Distillation unit 50L
  • Glass Distillation unit 20L
  • S. S. Evaporating pan1000L
  • S. S. Evaporating pan750L
  • S. S. Jacketed crystalline pan500L
  • Glasslined jacketed evaporating pan500L
  • Glasslined jacketed evaporating pan50L
  • S. S. Evaporating pan50L
  • S. S. 316 High pressure autoclave10L
  • S. S. 316 Nutsche filter250L
  • S. S. 316 Nutsche filter130L
  • S. S. Centrifuge Basket sizedia 24,dia 18,dia10
  • Steam heated tray dryer12 tray
  • Steam heated tray dryer24 tray
  • Steam / Electric heated tray dryer48 tray
  • S. S. Vibrator / Shifter
  • S. S. Micropulvariser