Grades of Purity

Laboratory Reagents & Extra Pure (LR & EP)

These Consist of wide range of organic and inorganic reagents in preparative chemistry and other related industries. Careful control ensures that a consistently high defined quality is maintained throughout.

Analytical Reagents (AR)

These Chemicals are useful in sophisticated analytical instruments and research work, where high purity is essential. The trace impurities in these products are restricted to the lowest possible limits for the utmost precision in laboratory work.

Electronic Grade (EL)

These chemicals have very stringent limits for metallic impurities as required by the Electronic Industry.


Products have been specially purified and tested for their microbiological applications.


Purified commercial products used in many chemical laboratories.


These are high purity chemicals specially manufactured and tested for Biochemical research. As required heavy metal content is carefully monitored and reduced to minimum possible levels. Our range includes amino acid and their derivatives, carbohydrates and their derivatives, enzymes, enzymes substrates etc.


Buffers are provided in capsule form, powder form as well as solution form to work in varying pH ranges in chemicals. We also offer wide range of Biological Buffers.

Highly Process Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) & Spectroscopy Grade Solvents

An extensive range of highly characteristic HPLC solvents are produced and tested as per the latest techniques to assure interference-free HPLC separation and detection. Key parameters such as UV absorbance, transmittance, non volatile matter, moisture content, fluorescence impurities and assay are very carefully controlled.

Diagnostic Reagents

These are specially produced for the use of various hospitals, clinical, & pathological laboratories for diagnostic purpose.

Indicator powder, solution & paper

Various types of indicators such as absorption indicator, metal ion indicators, redox indicators of high purity are provided as powder as well as ready to use liquid forms for analytical purpose. Papers indicators are produced using “Whatman” filters papers. pH papers cover both narrow and wide range pH from 1-14.

AAS (Atomic Absorption Standard) Solution

These standards solution are used as reference standards for calibration of the instruments in Atomic Absorption Spectroscopic Analysis.

ICP (Inductivelt Coupled Plasma)

These standards solution one used as reference standards for calibration of the instrument in inductively coupled Plasma Analysis

Tech / Pract

General, commercial grade for synthesis and routine applications.


Products containing highly reduced water content for anhydrous reactions, synthesis and arsay studies.


For Gas Chromatography applications and suited for use in GC instrument.


Ideal for scintillation studies